Veterans Day Special

In honor of Veterans Day today, we will offer her this patriotic bolt action pen at a $10 discount. That’s $40 total price with shipping included. You Will Not find this at a cheaper price anywhere. At checkout enter the code Veterans Day. Maximum of one per customer.
Thank you all veterans for your service.…

Patriotic Bolt Action Pen
Patriotic Bolt Action Pen
Carry it to honor someone special or just to show support for your love of America.

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Ok fountain pen lovers I have a question!!!!

I have obtained components from over seas of a Lotus Fountain Pen. These are plated in Rhodium and 22k gold, very few of these are present in the US market due to the high costs.

I want to know 2 things:
1. Would anyone be interested in having an elite custom fountain pen made?
2. As these are high priced components, what material do you believe should go into it?

Attached is an example of a Lotus Pen created by our friend Ed Street.

Thus, if you are interested in having a very nice custom fountain pen created for you please send me a message.

Mark of Pen Tactix

Picture courtesy of Ed Street
Picture courtesy of Ed Street