Ok fountain pen lovers I have a question!!!!

I have obtained components from over seas of a Lotus Fountain Pen. These are plated in Rhodium and 22k gold, very few of these are present in the US market due to the high costs.

I want to know 2 things:
1. Would anyone be interested in having an elite custom fountain pen made?
2. As these are high priced components, what material do you believe should go into it?

Attached is an example of a Lotus Pen created by our friend Ed Street.

Thus, if you are interested in having a very nice custom fountain pen created for you please send me a message.

Mark of Pen Tactix

Picture courtesy of Ed Street
Picture courtesy of Ed Street

How to Custom Order

Want to place a custom order but are unsure of possible materials that may be available. Click on the “Wood List” and take a look at the wide variety of woods to give you some ideas. If you have any questions please let us know via the “Contact” tab.         Thanks, Mark

Wood List

New Pens are available for custom order!

We at Pen Tactix are making some beautiful new pens, in a variety of colors and designs! If you are interested in making a custom order please feel free to contact us via our contact page. We are also on Facebook! Here are just a couple:

Statesman II_Purple Elec Lace RH and TN 2 Statesman II_Purple Elec Lace RH and TN Spartan_Blue Elec Lace GM













Blanks used are from our friend Michael  over at Mystical Blanks.

 mystical-lace-pen-red purple-lace-green-glow-1green-glo-lace-pen-1

Did I mention they GLOW IN THE DARK!


Pen Tactix is Competing

Often pen turning groups will have contest to show off (and learn) pen making and wood turning skills.  Pen Tactix has an entry currently in a contest requiring using slimline components, eliminating 2 parts, building an original pen.

I decided to eliminate the center ban and the end cap. This is a one piece pen, done in Applewood.  The end piece has been made from black acrylic.  This came out quite well and is a very pretty pen!

Thanks for looking,

Mark – Owner of Pen Tactix

Slim_challenge Feb 2015 slim_challenge pen2 slim_challenge pen3

Any Big Rapids High School Fans?

Trimline_Corian BRH CRMI made this one tonight thinking of a local Big rapids High School alumni. This one is a very nice trim pen made from corian in the school’s blue and red theme. This one has grooved grips and a stylus tip for use on mobile touch screen computers. I did this one in a chrome finish, and polished it to a mirror like finish. Remember, if you want unique Pen Tactix is your source!

Thanks for viewing, Mark